floid AG

Dare to be different
by instinct.

Cultivating Innovation.

The digital revolution is real and determines within the next decade which businesses will stay relevant.

floid offers a lean framework that elevates customers to cooperating partners and their mandates to our mutual, fundamental mission. Our goal: establishing and maintaining the relevance of brands according to the requirements of an increasingly digitalized world.

Courage is needed to change perspectives and drive transformation forward. At floid we create the interdisciplinary frame enabling us to shape the future and develop innovations together.

Let’s cultivate innovation through logic and fun.

A fresh view and a conscious approach enable us to create a framework using strategy, content and design with a sense for relevance and technology. We help clients to thoroughly establish products and services, move markets and capture audiences.


Environments determine the starting position.


Intentions form a meaningful foundation.


Promises are explicitly put into action.

An Overview of floid

Every strong brand is built on know-how, competence, a distinct attitude and style.

floid is an independent, award-winning creative agency owned by its founders. We offer expertise in Branding, Communications and Web Development, while taking care of Strategy, Content, Design, Code and Activation. We’re very passionate about creating compelling ideas for holistic brand experiences, launching them across multiple platforms in careful and precise ways. It’s our goal to establish and maintain the relevance of brands in an increasingly digitalized world. In this sense, floid supports brands, products and services in telling long-lasting stories.

Our experienced team offers branding services that are of the moment and shape authentic stories with consistent values. With methods that are efficient, transparent and effective, we guarantee highest quality and a convincing record of achievements.

An attentive staff offers a visionary sense that is fueled by enthusiasm for brands, design and technology - and the joy of sharing success.

floid has become a crucial factor for the achievements of a diverse range of companies. They are ambitious start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as companies that are listed on the stock market. All of them share the common goal of positioning themselves in their respective markets successfully and long-term.

We’re looking forward to teaming up with you in creating new Brands, Products, and Services that shape the future.

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