Green Velvet

A strong brand identity was built, a unique story restored and the way of drinking absinthe redefined; shaping the future of one of the Val-de-Travers' great and forgotten treasures.


floid AG


Green Velvet is being distilled in the birthplace of absinthe in the Swiss Val-de-Travers according to an original family recipe from 1898. The traditional methods create a unique spirit of highest quality.


We dug deep into the supply chain and researched the process of distributing absinthe and realized its lack of innovation. To stand out in a competitive market we created a sophisticated system with a new brand identity and architecture, contemporary communication and overall appearance to capture the history of the Val-de-Travers and shape its future.


Business Strategy
Brand Strategy
Communication Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Digital Strategy
Regulatory Analysis
Brand Identity
Advertising Campaign
Web & Application Design
Label & Packing Design
Copywriting / Text
Process & Technology Management
Print & Media Production
Brand Collaterals
Mobile, Web & CMS Development
Events & Product Launches
Film & Photography





Green Velvet Launch Events 2014/15

Launch Event Singapore

Launch Event in corporation with Badrutt's Palace

Launch Event Cocktail Week London

Launch Event Bar Convent Berlin

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